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Who we are

With 15 years of flight planning, flight support & dispatch experience in all regions, our team of licensed flight dispatchers is ready to take care of every flight arrangement around the Globe. Our goal is to make your flight easy and pleasant, taking care of all aspects of travel preparation.


Aircraft dispatched daily

120 000

Flight plans since 2004


Aviation specialists and CAA licensed dispatchers

How we work

We focus on making your dispatch invisible yet effective

We assign CAA licensed dispatchers as your dedicated point of contact

We crosscheck team work to be faultless

We make CAA audits easy to go thru by arranging all paperwork for you

We use variety of software and systems

We react fast, really fast!

We price transparently (fixed or per leg ZERO hidden costs - it's a brand promise)

We make your operation secure with backup storage, backup electricity and back up internet!

Our systems

FDS Team

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FDS is the biggest private dispatch center in Central and Eastern Europe, providing flight planning services and professional operational supervision. FDS was founded in 2004 with the idea to create flight operation support as an outsource solution to AOC holders as well as private aircraft owners, air taxi operators, aircraft sharing programs and flying schools.

Flight planning and flight watchWe love planning

Thru team of highly experienced dispatchers and aviation managers we offer full operational support: flight planning, flight watch, crew scheduling and logistics, pax list supervision.

Analysis and expertiseExpert guidance

After many years of dedicated services we can support our customers with global data required to make proper decisions like:

  • airport analysis
  • take-off & landing analysis
  • payload calculations
  • aircraft comparison

Dispatchers AcademyExpert guidance

FDS is proud to be the biggest Flight Dispatchers Academy in the region, holding a CTO certificate from the Polish CAA. Until now, FDS has trained and released around 250 new dispatchers.


Flight Planning and flight watch.
Worldwide route planning.

NAT/MNPS (North Atlantic) operations
ETOPS/EROPS operations planning
ETOPS airports monitoring
IFR, VFR operations planning
Airports availability check
Entry / overflight / landing permit arrangement (directly with CAA or via third party company)
PPR, airport slots arrangement
ATC flight plan preparing, filing (Eurocontrol & Worldwide)
TSA/FAA Waiver submission for private and commercial flights
US eAPIS submission
Customs /Immigration arrangement
Operational flight plan
WX & NOTAM/SNOWTAM bulletin preparation and analysis
Performance calculation (runway analysis, take-off and landing)
Flight watch (reducing delays, Eurocontrol ATC slots management, re-routings)
Flight coordination (MVT messages)
Flight documentation preparation and delivery
24/7 OPS non-stop dispatch support
Arrangements: fuel, handling, catering, hotels, ground transportation, etc.
Additional arrangements on Client's request
Flight documentation archiving
Flight calculations (trip time, trip fuel, minimum required fuel, payload, fuel stop planning)

Crewing, scheduling, logistics.

Crew rostering and communication
Disruption & changes management & recovery
Crew hotline 24/7
Crew travel bookings (airline tickets, ground transfers, hotels)
Crew documents management (following up licensing and training validity)
Simulators booking
Flight duty times monitoring
Schedule management

Pax list supervision.

Pax list conversion to PNL/ADL format
PNL distribution to handling agents/PNL systems
Sending PAX ADD and CNL msg
PAX seat reservations
NO REC PAX validation

Certification Centre.

Certification Centre
Certification in accordance with EASA standards, part NCC, NCO, CAT
AOC (Air Operator’s Certificate) certification
AHAC (Airport Handling Agent Certificate) certification
AWC (Aerial Works Certificate) certification
Training organisations


Training program for Flight Dispatcher License in accordance with the requirements of ICAO
doc. 7192 D3
Practical training for the FDL exam
Initial and recurrent training for aviation personnel
Over 250 graduates working in Poland, Europe and Worldwide
CTO (Certified Training Organisation) certified by the Polish CAA


We warmly invite you to visit our headquarters in Warsaw. Here you can truly see and feel that Your dedicated 24/7 flight ops really is at your disposal.

FDS OPS Sp. z o.o.

Centrum Finansowe Okęcie
Ul. Janka Muzykanta 60
floor 3
02-188 Warsaw, Poland
EU VAT: PL-113-26-93-070

Inquiries related to FDS Academy please send at szkolenia@fds.aero

VHF: 131.425MHz

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