Who we are?

With years of flight planning, flight support & dispatch experience in all regions, our team of licensed flight dispatchers is ready to take care of every flight arrangement around the Globe. Our goal is to make your flight easy and pleasant, taking care of all aspects of travel preparation.

FDS OPS evolved from Flight Dispatch Services, which was founded in 2004. FDS OPS is the biggest dispatch center in Poland, providing flight planning services and professional operational supervision. Our company was formed with the idea to create flight operation support as an outsource solution to AOC holders as well as private aircraft owners, air taxi operators, aircraft sharing programmes. FDS founders are both pilots as well as flight dispatchers with 10 years of aviation experience. With this experience, FDS can call on specific expertise when creating and expanding their highly skilled team. 

Our company structere evolved during last few years. At this moment we have OPS Department, which works 24/7 and it is managed by our duty shift managers, most experienced team members. Thay receive flight orders, changes and clients' requests and spread the job around to licensed dispatchers, assistants, flight watchers and support department. When the flight pack is ready for delivery it always go through duty shift manager for a last check, before it goes to the crew. Our Support Department is also 24/7 and it deals with all ground arrangements, as well as passenger lists (they are collecting them from tour operators, merging and sending out to handling agents in PNL format). Some of our dispatchers are dedicated to larger clients. It may be single person or micro-team. That is they way we ensure, that highest quality service is always delivered. From 2012 we have new Crew Control Department dealing with crew rostering, crew control, simulator bookings, crew transfers and many, many more. 

Our staff is currently developing its professional skills, taking part in recurrent and progressive training, international conferences and workshops. We do internal recurrent trainings, external advanced trainings (Eurocontrol, Jeppesen), additional trainings (new FPL, PRNAV etc.), our client's training (if required by OPS manual to include our personnel), self-training (e-learning). Our Training Department is however busy not only with internal trainings, but to serve as a Flight Dispatchers School (CTO Approved by Polish CAA to meet ICAO Annex 1 Doc 7192 D3 standards). We do train to get Polish national license, but we do some advanced training for foreign dispatchers as well.

FDS OPS provides flight dispatch and flight support services to all kinds of aviation. Most of our business is corparate aviation and holiday charter airlines. We support charter airlines with full OCC service including airport slots management and PAX lists coordination. We file around 20,000 flight plans a year, 70% of which happens in summer season. We hire over thirty emploees in the summer and around twenty in the winter season, which gives 8 to 10 people on the day shift in the summer and 5 to 6 in the wintertime.

We do have internal company procedures (including our OPS Manual, Dispatcher's Manual and dedicated Client's Manual) and we are of course using Client's OPS Manual part A (in case when customer holds an AOC) as well as we need to be incorporated in Client's quality and SMS systems. Implementation process takes normally from 7 to 14 days and cosists of many conference calls, client's audit, cooperation procedures establishment, Emergency Response Plan. We do dedicate project manager (normally one of our most experienced dispatchers) to the implementation process.

The team

Managing Director / OPS Manager

Shift Managers: most experienced in our team

Client Managers: dedicated to key clients

Dispatchers: holding ICAO license

Dispatcher's Assistants