Aviation EU ETS monitoring

FDS OPS Ltd. is pleased to present you with its new service dedicated to aircraft operators which guarantees full compliance with EU ETS. Our main purpose is to reduce the administrative burden EU ETS can impose by fulfilling vast majority of requirements on your behalf. Therefore we would like to offer you the most comprehensive range of our services including:

• Handling all communication with your EU Member State authorities while you maintain the official point of contact;

• Creating your monitoring plans for annual emissions and tonne-kilometre data;

• Compiling your annual emission and tonne-kilometre reports;

• Linking you with our partner Verifiers offering preferential verification rates;

• Submitting verified reports to competent authority in your EU Member State;

• Assisting you in opening your account in the Union Registry;

• Linking you with carbon emissions brokers. Through them, you will be able to purchase the required number of allowances for surrendering to cover all your verified emissions;

• Keeping you informed about changes and new requirements imposed by EU ETS.

For offer inquiry please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .