Crew Planning

Our Crew Planning Department is able to provide:

  • Long term planning

Our Crew Control Department prepares monthly and long-term crew rosters for cockpit and cabin crew. We do use LEON system for flight scheduling and crew rostering, but we may use your system, if you wish or we may try to establish automatic connection between the systems. We deliver complete crew roster and manage all the changes, notyfing the crew through the system (automatic notifications through LEON system) or manually via e-mail or phone in case of short term changes. 

  • Crew control

We offer current crew control, which means we will be looking at schedule disruptions, delays, crew duty times on your behalf. We are supporting your OCC and flight crews, if they need our help with any changes, ammendments, arrangements or to call the standby crew.

  • Crew training

We will arrange initial, recurrent and other training, book the simulator, hotel and travel for your crew. We will make sure trainings are book efficiently and they work well within the roster.

  • Crew travel 

We are able to arrange crew transfers, taxis, airline tickets and accommodation for the crews. Crew members will be notified about they latest travel plan automatically (via LEON system) or manually by us via e-mail or phone. 

We hire crew planners with several years of airline experience, they understand the industry needs. With aircraft fleet of 1-10 aircraft outsourcing the crew rostering and crew control is a substantial saving comparing to in-house solution.