Flight planning

Flight Planning services include:

  • Full, computerized, worldwide flight plans

FDS OPS is using few flight planning tools, which let us being flexible to customer's needs. Airlines and business jets operators can choose between PPS, Navtech and Jeppesen Jetplan. Light aircraft are mostly served with Jeppesen FliteStar, however we cooperate with web-based flight planning providers like Rocket Route as well. For commercial operators we are providing operational flight plans according to EASA OPS (or ICAO state). Our team, facitiliy, operational procedures and databases currency are constantly audited by our clients QM's and state CAA's. We are putting huge effort into delivery of the most safe and optimized nav logs. Using data-link we may send the flight plan straight to your cockpit. Our dispatchers are constantly trained and briefed in route optimization and safety requirements. Regarding fuel and W&B, we do not use any standard values, we cosult with the Captain and make sure, that fuel amount and mass matches exactly, what is on the flight plan. We are encouraging our clients always to have their feedback, so we can improve our service and chcnge flight planning software settings, if needed.

  • ATC flight plan filing

Our team receive frequent training from Eurocontrol's CFMU tools and interfaces. We use e-learning center, on-site training with our instructors and Eurocontrol Brussels recurrent package. The clue of efficient flight planning is not only route optimization, but ATC slot prediction and reaction as well. We are actively modyfing the routings or using CHMI or NOP interfaces to optimize CTOT's. Thanks to ARINC account we may send type B messages, AFTN messages.

  • Flight clearances and landing permits

Depending on the region and flight notification we are either applying for the permits ourselves or through our partners. We have Worldwide experience in obtaining overflight permits, landing permits, PPR's, airport slots and diplomatic permits. We using LEON software to manage flight schedules, our support department os filling detailed check-list within LEON, of what has been arranged for the flight (current status). We may provide you login to the software, so you will see what is ready and get automatic e-mail notifications. That saves a lot of e-mails and phone calls (and stress as well!).

  • Flight monitoring

Flight monitoring (or flight watch) is a crucial part of flight operations and that is why we have dedicated people in our team for that matter. We handle ATC slots using CHMI and NOP, we are cooperating with departure and destination airports to adjust airport slots, we are as well in contact with handling agents sending and receiving MVT's, LDM's etc. We can be in contact wit ha broker, who is buying your flight to let them know of takeoff / landing times, delays. We are comtacting and giving information ONLY to parties or persons authorized by our clients. Confidentiality is very important part of our business.

  • WX & NOTAM bulletin worldwide

Before we dispatch your flight our dispatchers are analizing weather and NOTAM's which can affect it. If your flight is in two weeks we would check the NOTAM's in few days intervals and let the crew know, if any disruption may occur. When we call the Captain to consult fuel amount onboard, our dispatcher is giving full weather and NOTAM's brief.

  • Handling, fuel and hotel arrangements

We have 24/7 separate support department responsible for all ground arrangements. We are optimizing way of doing things and we are open to your suggestions. We may contact hotel directly or use one of the booking web services or the handling agent. The goal is to get you the best price. We have preferrend handling agents and hotels recommended by other crews, but we will make the arrangements according to you suggestions. If you cooperate with any fuel provider, we can contact them to get fuel release and forward it to your destination.

  • Aircraft performance & runway analysis

For few years we cooperate with APG, Flygprestanda, Navtech (ToDC) and AIrbus tools (PEP) to make sure your flight will be safe and the crew will be notified at the flight planning stage of any performance problem. If you are LEON software user or you have Flygprestanda GURU account with W&B function, we may prepare W&B and attach to the flight pack.

  • Documents delivery

Our standard way of delivery is e-mail in pdf (one document) to the crew or handling agent (or both). For some of our clients we use PPS Crewbriefing station and upload documents there.

  • Payments

We may act like any other flight support company and apy your bills. We have two standard options for that. First, we receive a deposit and re-charge bank chargers, currency exchange penalties and small admin fee for our work. Second option: we credit your flight and and add 10% to the final invoice.

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Used tools:
We use state-of-art tools for flight planning and scheduling. Our main supporters with flight planning are:
  • Jeppesen
  • Air Support's PPS
  • Navtech
For flight scheduling and management we use LEON system.